Well now that my group is up

I can finally talk about how my group communicates. Now that we have finally all gotten together just before the big project I can post this. My group uses our school email to communicate and that is it. We tried to use Skype, but we couldn’t get one member onto the calls and we didn’t want to leave him out. With only three people you would think it would be easy to connect with the others, but sometimes it takes a while to get a hold of the others.


Group progress

Since I am one of the people that can’t make it to the regular meetings, I have only met my group last week. And by group I mean one other person. It is ok though, we are going to be able to present next week (hopefully). in our project on ‘reality’ in online games we will be looking at other games compared to SL. Like how in them you try to escape reality to have fun, and usually do it by themselves. while in SL we are kind of forced to talk to others and interact with people.

Game content creation and mods

Game content is usually static in a game once it is released. Though a few DLCs can come out it usually doesn’t change much. But there are some exceptions to this. One is SL in which almost everything is or can be made by users. In other games this is not possible so SL is a good in that respect. Other games can release, or have it cracked by the community, the source code and this lets users made content for the game. A good example of this is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Even after 100+ weeks after the game code was released and the user created content started to roll out it is still going strong. This community is know as modders and most of them do it for fun and for free. If they charged for the content the makers of the game can take their content and the money that they made from it. Though some people do it because they can make money on the side from the creators. The only problem is that you need multiple people for a large project and it can back fire. 

As shown here.

It hurts me to see petty things break up good modding teams and I am a supporter of many mods. I think that the mooding community can make  greater audience for a game and help it’s sales. Two good examples are the many Minecraft mods and the DayZ mod for ARMA 2 (and now the standalone for ARMA 3).

How to be a good community member

In some online communities there is a lingo or terminology used to help communicate. In others it is not how you talk, but how you ask. The most common thing that I see on these subjects are acronyms and the tone of you text. In TOR (The Old Republic) one would use Tank, Dps, Heals, ranged and melee to describe someone or an NPC (Non-player character). If you were able to take a lot of damage and hade predominately melee skills, you are a melee tank. If you can do a high amount of damage and use ranged weapons, you are a ranged dps. Another thing is that people who ask the same question in chat repeatedly in a short amount of time get yelled at.  Along with that if you would TALK IN ALL CAPS  you would be ignored be the rest of the people. As for the regulation in the games I have played you cannot swear or be able to take off all of you clothes unless you modded the base game, which is illegal and could get you banned. Now some games have a language filter that you can turn on or off so to get rid of the first problem, but never the second. In short just watch the chat and follow what they say or how they act to be a good community member, but don’t do something just to fit in.

Meeting new people

When I was at the USMC memorial I meet some of the people hanging out there and heard some every interesting stories from the veterans there. I also got to talk with some of the others like me that were there because they were interested in the site. After an hour of talking with these guys we all decided to line up and salute the memorial. We then parted ways and I went off to other places. Though, the talk I had with them was fun and, while sometimes sad, it was enjoyable. There were no people there just to rag on the marines and I think that helped. If someone had been there who was like that I doubt that the vets would have put up with them.

Location, Location, Location

I am still without a group so going to sites for my project is a bit tricky right now. Instead of sitting around and waiting for something to happen, I decided to go out and find some of the stranger places in SL. So I visited the TonkTastic armory and a zombie killing environment.


I also went to the USMC memorial to the fallen and talked with a few veterans from there.


I learned about manipulation of some objects in SL and a little on how to make items for others to use in game. There were a few problems with the items that I used but they were free so I cant complain to much.

A little about me

I am Steve Sykes and I am going to Akron University for Civil Engineering.

Most people that go here are from the surrounding area. So, when they find out I’m from Pittsburgh, most of them seem to find that strange. Most of the people I have meet ask me why I chose to go here for engineering when two big engineering schools, PITT and Carnegie Mellon, back in Pittsburgh. I did it mostly so that I would be forced to make new friends and life without my parents helping me along. The fact that Akron has a good Engineering program helps too, and that the campus is nice and not spread all over a city (like that other two).

But enough about that boring stuff. I love playing on the computer so when this class was available I jumped fight onboard. I have played a good number of MMORPGs and have liked all of them, but SL just doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea. I just cant really get into it. Maybe it’s because I am one of the two people in our class that can’t come to the meetings but I’m trying. Though I doubt you want to hear a sob story so, yeah. I think that this class is an interesting experience and hope to see you in it.

Mostly I like to plan, scheme, and otherwise think of ways to be devious. That must be why I like RTSs (Real time strategies) so much. I also like a good board game every one and a while but no the kind most people are used to. I play Warhammer 40000, a tabletop turn based sci-fi strategy game. and here are some pictures of my craft.

send in the fodder

Tanks go rolling on
All of these are hand painted

mechanized flood


Just a few of many races and subraces.


A lot of memes are generated from this game.

Sometimes we get carried away. The big green thing over there is about the size of a small child.